AWG5014C - Tektronix Waveform Generator

  • Model: AWG5014C
  • Manufactured by: Tektronix

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Tektronix AWG5014C Arbitrary Waveform Generator

480 MHz carrier, high dynamic range RF signals
High dynamic range IF signals with up to 180 MHz modulation bandwidth, 180 MHz modulation bandwidth with -58 dBc SFDR
Only stand-alone AWG with 4 channels simplifies test setup and reduces uncertainty
RFXpress software enables quick creation of digitally modulated and radar signals
Waveform sequencing and sub-sequencing enables creation of infinite waveform loops, jumps, and conditional branches
Enhance the ability to replicate real-world signal behavior
Dynamic jump capability enables the creation of complex waveforms that respond to changing external environment
2 or 4 differential/single-ended outputs provide testing flexibility
Up to 8 marker outputs ideal for system synchronization
28 digital output channels create highly precise digital signals
Deep memory enables the creation of long complex waveform sequences
Playback of signals captured on scopes and real-time spectrum analyzers allows for simulation of real-world environments
Down to 800 ps resolution edge timing shift control
8,000 steps real-time sequencing creates infinite waveform loops, jumps, and conditional branches
Easy to use and learn, shortens test time
Convenient bench-top form factor
Integrated PC supports network integration and provides a built-in DVD, removable hard drive, LAN, and USB ports

With 14 Bit vertical resolution up to 1.2 GS/s, 4 analog, and 32 digital channel outputs, the AWG5000 Series Arbitrary Waveform Generator is the ideal solution for versatile mixed signal generation. The AWG5000 Series gives you a unique combination of analog and digital output performance allowing you to generate analog and digital IQ, as well as IF signals in a single instrument. With the addition of advance sequencing and dynamic jump capability, extremely complex waveforms can easily be created to more closely simulate real world environments.
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