N5171B-503 - Keysight (Agilent) Signal Generator

  • Model: N5171B-503/099
  • Manufactured by: Keysight / Agilent Technologies


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Keysight Agilent N5171B 9kHz-3GHz EXG X-Series RF Analog Signal Generator with options 503 and 099 (see below for descriptions)

Options Installed:
503 – Frequency range, 9 kHz to 3 GHz
099 – Expanded license key upgradability

Achieve faster throughput and greater uptime
Perform basic parametric testing of components and functional verification of receivers with industry-leading output power
Thoroughly verify receiver performance by simulating complex analog modulation scenarios with multi-function generator capability
Minimize downtime and expenses with self-maintenance solutions and low-cost repairs

The Keysight / Agilent N5171B EXG RF Analog Signal Generator, with its optimal EXG, is designed to meet your signal needs for parametric testing of components and calibration of receivers. It's outstanding hardware performance provides faster throughput, greater uptime and superb accuracy and repeatability.
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