ZVA24 - Rohde & Schwarz Network Analyzer

  • Model: ZVA24
  • Manufactured by: Rohde & Schwarz

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Rohde & Schwarz ZVA24 10MHz-24GHz 4-port Vector Network Analyzer

Key Specifications:
Linear and nonlinear amplifier and mixer measurements
Noise figure measurements
Pulse profile measurements with 12.5 ns resolution
True differential measurements for reliable characterization of active devices with balanced ports
High output power typ. > 15 dBm
Wide dynamic range typ. > 140 dB
High measurement speed < 3.5 ┬Ás per test point
Wide IF bandwidth: 1/5/30 MHz
Versatile calibration techniques: TOSM, TRL/LRL, TOM, TRM, TNA, UOSM
Automatic calibration units available
Phase and group delay measurements on mixers with and without LO access
Frequency range: 10MHz to 24 GHz

The R&S ZVA24 Network Analyzer is the high-end class of the Rohde & Schwarz network analyzer line. It combines operating ease and high measurement speed uniformly implemented with exceptional RF characteristics, a wide scope of functions, and high flexibility.
The ZVA24 is ideal for filter measurements requiring maximum dynamic range to linear and nonlinear measurements on amplifiers, mixers, as well as receivers and transceivers.
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